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Freight from the USA

Above is a Real-time Online Sea freight Price Calculator. It enables visitors to calculate the cost of international shipping from the USA to different countries around the world in minutes. Select your destination country to begin calculating international shipping costs.

The website is a platform that facilitates international shipping of goods from the United States overseas. It works perfectly for shipping both commercial cargo and household goods. It integrates international LCL Sea freight rates from well-known and the most reliable U.S. cargo consolidators. It allows users to ship goods packed in boxes, crates, and pallets from the U.S. to other countries.

Select your destination country, follow a few steps, and receive an instant price quote. It's free, with no obligations or waiting time.

Get instant quotes on shipping relatively sizable cargo from the USA overseas with this online calculator. Watch a 3-minute YouTube video by clicking on the image below.

Video how to ship freight from the USA by sea

Quick help:

What is LCL freight shipping? Why should you consider LCL freight an ECONOMY FREIGHT SERVICE?

In respect of ocean freight from the USA, LCL is the abbreviation for the 'Less than Container Load.' In shipping goods from the USA by sea, LCL refers to shipping cargo that cannot fill an entire container and is packed in boxes, crates, or stacked on pallets. I.e., if you do not need and do not want to pay for shipping from the USA a whole container as you do with FCL (Full Container Load), then shipping cargo LCL is a cost-effective method for shipping goods in crates, boxes, and pallets from the USA to overseas destinations.

If you are shipping commercial goods from the USA in boxes, crates, or pallets, and the total volume does not exceed 15-20 cubic meters (500-800 cubic feet), then it is more beneficial to ship freight LCL rather than shipping entire containers.

Suppose you ship household goods or personal effects from the USA abroad and pack everything in boxes, crates, or stacks on pallets. In that case, there are advantages to using LCL (Less than Container Load) sea freight instead of hiring an international moving company. Suppose you are new to international shipping. In that case, it is recommended that you read about the differences between shipping household goods from the USA overseas using LCL versus moving with an international moving company to avoid confusion.

Compared to air freight, FCL, or parcel services, LCL freight is the cheapest way to ship larger cargo from the USA overseas. LCL is the most cost-effective way to transport cargo conveniently and flexibly. Therefore, you should consider LCL shipping from the United States as economy shipping.

Cargo transportation from the USA

If you ship goods in boxes, crates, or pallets from the United States overseas, shipping cargo LCL can significantly reduce transportation costs.  

It is flexible:

Save on shipping goods from the USA (

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