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How do I track an LCL shipment?

Most of the time, you can track your LCL shipment on the cargo consolidators' website by booking or bill of lading number. If it is direct shipping, you can track the cargo delivery by the container number with a steamship line used on your international shipping.

However, sometimes, international cargo transportation LCL, unlike shipping a parcel or an entire container, requires manual tracking. That is because consolidated cargo, especially cargo shipping with transshipments, may need to be reloaded in different containers during transportation from the USA to the place of delivery.

However, after you receive your bill of lading, you should keep it in mind and wait until the estimated day of arrival (ETA). Several days before the ETD, the carrier's destination agent should contact your consignee with an arrival notice. Typically they email the arrival notice to you in a PDF file.

However, if you did not receive an arrival notice several days before the ETD, then you need to contact the carrier's destination agent assigned by the ocean freight carrier on the recovery of your shipping from the U.S. goods at the destination. The agent's contact information is on your bill of lading.

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