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Welcome to contact AMID Logistics about your international cargo transportation needs. To help us better serve you, before you call or email us, you might want to check answers to some of the most common questions that we receive on shipping cargo from the USA by sea:

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Please note that the FIRST AND ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY STEP TO INITIATE an international shipment with us is to get a price quote on the website with our online freight calculator. Then, if you like, you can book your international shipment via the quote. To avoid confusions and typos, we do not accept quotes and booking requests over the phone.
Having a quote or booking customer reference number on your shipping from the USA, please keep the quote or booking customer reference number in subject lines of your email or provide the reference number when calling.
Our office business hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (U.S. Eastern Standard Time). We are closed on U.S. Federal holidays.
Inquiries in an email may be monitored and answered after hours and on weekends. Phone calls cannot be answered after hours and on weekends. Welcome to leave a voicemail.
Primary email: Email to freight forwarder
IMPORTANT!: If you do not receive our reply to your inquiry via email within one working day, then please check your spam folder and mark as "not spam". Otherwise, you may lose our reply email.
Phone: Call to freight forwarder
We do our best to answer phone calls related to international shipping from the USA after the first or second ring. However, occasionally, due to high call volume, the wait time may exceed your expectation. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. Please wait, try your call later, or email your questions about international cargo transportation from the USA by sea. All email will be answered promptly in the order they are received.
Fax: Fax to freight forwarder
Our office and payments remittance mail address:
AMID Logistics, LLC
248 Geiger Rd, Unit 201H
Philadelphia, PA 19115, USA
U.S. Freight Forwarder in Philadelphia
American Multimodal International Deliveries - AMID Logistics, LLC is a U.S. OTI - Ocean Transportation Intermediary – a Licensed and Bonded U.S. Freight Forwarder. Our primary business is International Cargo Transportation from the USA by sea; particularly shipping from the USA LCL Sea freight, i.e., shipping from the USA cargo in boxes, crates, and on pallets consolidated in multimodal ocean freight containers.
U.S. Freight Forwarder   Shipping freight from the USA   Online freight calculator
We are transporting from the USA Household Goods and Personal Effects as well as Commercial Cargo. Household Goods and Personal effects shippers should consider our International LCL Sea freight LCL Ocean freight service as a cost-effective alternative for shipping from the USA overseas goods packed in boxes, crates, or on pallets versus shipping services provided by International Moving Companies. We are welcome to utilize our online Sea Freight Calculator in your international shipping business. This online Sea freight Calculator is a part of our international Shipping System. It works in real-time online 24/7. With this U.S. Freight Calculator, you will calculate the cost of shipping boxes, crates, and pallets from the USA overseas in minutes. It perfectly works to calculate shipping cost on commercial freight and for shipping household goods and personal effects.
We are also welcome to participate in our AFFILIATES AND REFERRALS NETWORK. You can read some AMID Logistics client testimonials and CUSTOMER REVIEWS.
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