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Freight from the USA

By selecting a destination country in the freight calculator above, you begin obtaining a shipping cost for your international cargo transportation from the United States. 

Shipping documents in Ocean freight from the USA

In respect of international cargo transportation from the U.S. overseas, shipping documents can be separated into two categories:

  • Incoming shipping documents
  • Outgoing shipping documents

INCOMING DOCUMENTS in shipping goods from the USA are documents that an international cargo transportation company, such as a U.S. Freight Forwarder, NVOCC, or VOCC, furnish to an international shipper to initiate, process, and prove an international shipment. Typically, these are:

OUTGOING DOCUMENTS in shipping goods from the USA are documents that shippers have to furnish to different parties during international cargo transportation:

  • Commercial invoice or valued packing list,
  • Shipper's identification for filing U.S. shipper's export declaration,
  • A set of documents for shipping from the USA a specific commodity,
  • Documents required by an ocean freight carrier to get cargo released to certain countries,
  • Dangerous goods declaration, if shipping from the U.S. hazardous goods,
  • The destination country's authorities may require other types of legal documents.

If you are involved in international cargo transportation from the USA, keep in mind that furnishing "incoming documents" is the shipper's/consignee's responsibility.

Sea freight bill of ladings in ocean freight from the USA typically states 'SHIPPER'S LOAD AND COUNT' and/or 'SAID BY SHIPPER TO CONTAIN.' That means that no one else but the shipper is responsible for all information submitted during shipping from the U.S.

Lack or delay in providing shipping documentation in international shipping from the USA may result in cargo delays, significant charges, and/or penalties or even civil charges.

International shipping documents with AMID Logistics

With AMID Logistics, you should be able to submit and receive the most commonly used "Outgoing" international shipping documents online. If shipping from the United States is a regular commodity, then most of the time, you will need to consider the "necessary minimum" of shipping documents to initiate a sea freight shipment:


A. International Sea freight Bill of Lading. The title of goods transported from the USA.

B. Commercial Invoice or Valued Packing List. A complete description of the commodity shipping from the U.S.


C. Supplemental Packing List to a commercial invoice. Specifies pieces, weights, and packing type.

D. Wood-packing certificate. Proof of compliance with ISP15.

E. Fumigation Certificate. Proof of cargo fumigation. It is commonly used in shipping goods from the U.S. to Australia and New Zealand.

F. Specific shipping documents. Depending on commodity and destination country:

  • Visa,
  • Quota,
  • Visa/Quota,
  • Certificate of Origin,
  • North American Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin,
  • Packing Declaration,
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration,
  • Fish and Wildlife Declaration,
  • Consular Legalized documents,
  • F.D.A.,
  • U.S.D.A.,
  • Anti-Dumping, etc.
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