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What are wood-packing restrictions and fumigation?

In respect of international cargo transportation from the USA, wood-packing restrictions, in general, states that shipping freight packed with using raw wooding materials is prohibited. Packing materials have to comply with ISPM15 regulations.

Shipping from the U.S. goods packed in cardboard shipping boxes comply with the ISPM15 regulations. However:

Please note, these wood-packing regulations apply to the packing materials. It does not apply to the transporting commodity.

Shipping wooding pallets from USA

Do not confuse the restrictions on wood-packing, which apply to international cargo transportation from the USA to the majority of counties in the world, with the fumigation of goods shipping from the USA to Oceania. Particularly shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

All cargo shipping from the USA to Oceania has to be fumigated. These restrictions are known as BMSB rules. If you ship goods to Australia or New Zealand, then be prepared to fumigate the entire shipment. We suggest you allow the ocean freight carrier used in your international shipping, fumigate your cargo. Typically you will pay $30 per cubic meter, $100-$300 minimum charge, depends on the carrier. However, this way, you transfer responsibilities related to the cargo fumigation on the carrier.

You may find more about wood-packing restrictions and cargo fumigation on our website.

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