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Should I palletize my shipping boxes?

If you're shipping more than three to five boxes or smaller items from the USA abroad, you must palletize them.

Shipping several loose boxes is unsafe. Some cartons can be damaged, fall apart, or even lost. Loose shipping boxes are handled by hand. There is no guarantee that it will be handled with proper care. Reliable carriers refuse to accept not palletized cargo.

Forklifts handle palletized cargo during international transportation. It prevents damages and loss of shipping goods.

Ship goods from U.S.

You can palletize cargo or request an ocean freight carrier to palletize your shipping goods at the carrier's freight terminal (CFS). Palletizing at CFS should cost you about $35 to $50 per skid, including the cost of the certified pallet. Please remember that the more accurately your sipping items fit into skids, the less "dead cargo volume" affects your shipping cost. Refer to the guidance for shipping pallets from the U.S. overseas.

The dimension of the standard U.S. pallet used in international cargo transportation from the USA is 48" x 40" x 6" (or 1.2m x 1.0m x 0.15m). Cargo is stacked on pallets and shrink-wrapped by a plastic film called "pallets" or "skids."

Even though pallets of standard sizes are most commonly used in international cargo transportation, there are various pallets of other sizes and forms. Pallets have to be strong enough to hold shipping goods, accessible for forkliftable, and fit into 40-foot sea freight containers. Shipping items exceeding 72" are considered oversized and subject to surcharges.

Suppose you request an ocean freight carrier's terminal (CFS) to palletize your shipping boxes or smaller shipping units. In that case, the CFS will appropriately stack the cargo on certified ISPM15 pallets and shrink-wrapped. Each pallet will carry as many shipping items as it can combine.

If you palletize your cargo on your own, then follow these rules:

  • It is not recommended to exceed the height of the skid more than 60" (1.52m). The height of the skids depends on the strength, weight, and size of the shipping boxes.
  • The entire skid should be shrink-wrapped and secured by a plastic film.
  • Bases of shipping pallets should be accessible for pallet jacks with a minimum clearance of 3.5".
  • All skids prepared for international transportation from the USA must fit into a 40' multimodal sea freight container.
  • When palletizing cargo for shipping from the U.S. overseas, always pay attention to wood packing restrictions that apply in international cargo transportation.

Please find more about palletizing in shipping freight from the USA on the website.


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