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Freight from the USA

Simplify your international shipping process with this online freight calculator above. Get shipping cost in minutes. No assistance is required, no waiting time.

Dock receipt and shipping instructions in shipping freight LCL from the USA

Typically, we need one business day to schedule an international shipment. However, we recommend booking and paying a deposit three to seven business days before you intend to ship your goods.

We began working on the international shipping as soon as you booked your international shipping from the USA via a quote obtained in the online freight calculator and paid a deposit.

After the international shipping is settled, you will receive our email with shipping instructions.

Depending on the kind of service you requested, the instructions slightly differ. However, regardless of the type of service, the shipping instructions will contain the following:

Depending on the kind of service you requested, the shipping instructions will be:

Upon receipt of the email with our shipping instructions on your international shipping from the United States, please reply to the email and ask any questions or give us a phone call.

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