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Freight from the USA

The website is a platform that offers international shipping services to deliver goods in boxes from the United States overseas.

Select your destination country above, follow a few steps, and get shipping costs.

What shipping documents do I need? 

Depending on the type of commodity and destination country, shipping goods from the USA overseas may require providing different sets of shipping documents.

However, if you are shipping from the USA a general commodity, most of the time, you will need to submit to the freight the following:

  • If you send a commercial cargo, then it is a Commercial Invoice. It may be a shipping document prepared specifically for a particular shipment or a copy of the purchase receipt or invoice with the value of shipping goods in US$.
  • If, for some reason, you cannot provide a commercial invoice OR you ship household goods or personal items from the USA, then it is a Valued Packing List. You should follow a specific format when submitting a valued packing list for your shipping goods. It must describe the number and type of shipping units, general cargo description, estimated weight, and value of the goods in US$. When shipping household goods or personal effects, exporters assign the value of goods on their own. However, the cost of the goods should match their fair market value.
  • The ocean freight carrier may also ask for copies of identification documents, such as a copy of passport, visa, tax ID, etc.

However, certain countries require particular documents or apply certain restrictions on goods imported from the USA.

The exporters' and importers' responsibility is to submit proper documentation at the origin and destination. If you are unsure about special requirements in your country, contact the country's consulate in the United States or ask your country before initiating international shipping.

We'd recommend you visit the website. Contact them if you have questions.

You may find more documentation on shipping cargo from the USA on our website.

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