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With this online calculator above, you can calculate shipping costs to deliver your goods from the United States of America overseas in minutes. Select your destination country to begin.

What is the U.S. Shipper's Export Declaration (SED)?

The U.S. Shipper's Export Declarations must be submitted on cargo shipping out of the USA if the value of the shipping goods exceeds US$2500. No matter if you're transporting commercial freight or shipping household goods or personal items.

With this online freight calculator, international shippers can request to file the U.S. Shipper's Export Declaration and obtain ITN on their behalf.

The ITN is an Automated Export System (AES) generated number assigned to a shipment confirming that the EEI was accepted and is on file in the AES. This number should be placed on any loading document to allow the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer the ability to retrieve the shipment if needed.

If you request us to declare your shipment, you must provide your EIN (U.S. tax I.D.) or a copy of the shipper's foreign (not U.S.) passport, with a clear photo and the passport number.

Please do not be confused by these requirements. Years ago, the U.S. CBP ceased accepting U.S. passports and SSNs in international cargo transportation.

If you are a citizen of the United States of America and do not have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). In that case, you can obtain the EIN for your international shipping in almost no time on the IRS website. It is safe and without further obligations. Follow this link to see how easily you can get the EIN for international shipping from the U.S.

You can find more relevant information about SED in the website's 'Shipping documents' section.

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