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Freight from the USA

The website is a platform that offers international shipping services by utilizing LCL freight from well-known U.S. carriers. Above is the real-time freight calculator for shipping cargo in boxes, crates, and pallets.

Should I insure my cargo?

Most goods shipping from the USA overseas arrive at destinations in good condition, without damages and losses. However, you may consider buying maritime cargo insurance and obtaining an insurance certificate for your international shipment for extra protection.

You can insure your shipment with any insurance provider that covers cargo shipping overseas. Otherwise, in our online freight calculator, you can request us to obtain an insurance certificate for your shipping goods on your behalf. 

If you select the option, then the cost of insurance will be added to your total shipping cost. You will receive your insurance certificate at the time of departure of your goods from the U.S., along with our final invoice.

However, consider the coverage options while searching for a Marin cargo insurance certificate. 

'All risk' and 'Total loss' coverages

The 'All risk' insurance policy in shipping cargo from the USA covers any possible loss or damage that occurred to your shipment during the cargo transportation: fire, water damage, theft, partial loss, breakage, etc. It is the most encompassing coverage available in the international cargo transportation industry.

The 'Total loss' only applies in cases of complete losses. That means you can get an insurance premium only if your entire shipment is lost or destroyed. It does not cover partial loss or damage.

Unless stated in your insurance certificate, by default, insurance certificates obtained on shippers' behalf are under the 'All risk' policy. However, THE 'ALL RISK' POLICY APPLIES TO SHIP PROFESSIONALLY PACKED GOODS ONLY. I.e., 'All risk' policies apply to goods shipping from the USA in the original manufacturers' packaging or professionally packed by certified parties that can provide proof of the professional packing. Certain conditions* may apply. IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND!: NOT PROFESSIONALLY PACKED GOODS TURN AN 'ALL RISK' POLICY INTO A 'TOTAL LOSS' POLICY.

You can find more about marine cargo insurance on this website.

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