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Freight from the USA

This online freight calculator makes shipping goods from the United States overseas much easier. Select your destination country, follow a few steps, and get the shipping cost.

The Frequently Asked Questions on Shipping Goods from the USA

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1. What is LCL freight shipping?

2. Self-delivery or Pickup?

3. Step-by-step guide

4. 75% deposit

5. Where do I deliver my cargo?

6. What is the Express Release Bill of Lading?

7. Can I amend my Bill of Lading?

8. What is a Cubic Meter and W/M?

9. Should I palletize my boxes?

10. Maritime Insurance

11. Transit Time in sea freight

12. Are there any hidden costs in quotes?


12B. What is SED?

12C. Shipping from the USA a partial cargo

13. Charity shipment from the USA

14. How can I cancel my shipment?

15. What if I don't pay your invoice?

16. What documents should I submit?

17. I’m not in the USA. I ship remotely

18. The policy on  PayPal payments

19. Payments by copies of checks or money orders


1. What is LCL shipping? / FAQ

See the answer on this web page.


2. Self-delivery or Pickup? / FAQ

See the answer on this web page.


3. Step-by-step GuideFAQ

See the answer on this web page.


4. 75% depositFAQ

See the answer on this web page.


5. Where do I deliver my cargo?FAQ

This online calculator database contains thousands of freight rates from ocean freight carriers and U.S. domestic cargo transportation companies. Each carrier has freight terminals within certain city zones listed on our website. You should see the freight terminal address selected on your particular shipment in the price quotes obtained in our online freight calculator.

However, the freight terminal addresses for your cargo delivery and the phone number must be reconfirmed in the email with our shipping instructions you will receive upon booking and deposit. That's because, when scheduling your international shipment, we must reconfirm with carriers the most recent data related to your shipment with us. The cargo delivery address in our shipping instructions may differ from the address you see when quoting in our online freight calculator.

Please remember that international cargo shipping from the USA overseas is quite a complex process. Each international shipment is unique. To eliminate any confusion or mistakes, you MUST NOT consider that the information automatically received when quoting online or over the phone is enough to begin international shipping. Particularly the cargo delivery address. All information related to shipping your goods from the U.S. overseas must be reconfirmed in our email with shipping instructions.


6. What is the Express Release Bill of Lading?FAQ

See the answer on this web page.


7. Can I amend my Bill of Lading?FAQ

After receiving your sea freight Bill of Lading, you must carefully read it and ensure that all the information in the BOL is accurate. If you see any mistakes or typos, immediately contact us and request that they be corrected.

If, for some reason, you are delayed but request an amendment while your shipping from the USA goods are still on the way to the destination, then it should be possible to ask the ocean freight cattier to amend your BOL. The carrier may charge you for the amendment.

However, as soon as your shipping goods reach the port of entry, any amendments in your BOL become quite complex and may not always be possible. Even if it is possible, a significant amendment fee may apply.

Once again, please: We strongly suggest that you carefully read all the information in the BOL upon receipt of your BOL. If something needs to be changed, immediately contact us and ask to correct it.

Please remember that the information you enter at the time of booking will be automatically transferred to your bill of lading. While submitting documents online and receiving our responses and updates, you should have several opportunities to verify and correct the initially entered data.

If you need amendments after your cargo has arrived at the destination, we suggest you contact your ocean freight carrier's destination agent first. It may be possible to re-issue your Bill of Lading at the destination. If this is not possible, then contact us. We will attempt to work on these amendments on your behalf. Since such amendments are time-consuming, AMID's amendment processing fee may be added on top of the ocean freight carrier's amendment fee.


Suppose during your international shipping from the USA, a set of original sea freight bills of ladings is required, but it needs to be amended or lost. In that case, the international ocean freight carrier may request a LETTER OF INDEMNITY. Here is the link with a LETTER OF INDEMNITY sample used in international shipping cargo from the USA.


8. What is a Cubic Meter and W/M?FAQ

You may find more about a cubic meter for shipping cargo from the USA LCL on this web page

W/M (or wm) is the abbreviation for Weight or Measurement, whichever is greater. W/M represents the cargo density limit, typically per Cubic Meter. You can find more about w/m in respect of shipping goods from the USA LCL on this web page


9. Should I palletize my shipping boxes? / FAQ

See the answer on this web page


10. Maritime insurance / FAQ

See the answer on this web page.


11. Transit Time in sea freight / FAQ

See the answer on this web page.


12. Are there any hidden costs in quotes? / FAQ

There are NO hidden costs on price quotes obtained in our online freight calculator. Your ocean freight carrier's rated bill of lading will verify the total freight charge based on the actual weight/measurements of cargo you shipped, provide the surcharge break, and other carrier fees related to your shipment (if any).

The only exception that may lead to a discrepancy is a GRI (Carrier's General Rates Increase) between the day a shipment was booked and the day the cargo departed from the USA. Such situations are scarce. If it does happen, we will inform our customers as soon as possible and work on a case-by-case scenario basis. Note that small discrepancies up to +/- $25 may be ignored unless a customer insists on a clarification. 

However, INTERNATIONAL SHIPPERS MUST BE AWARE OF GENERAL STANDARDS IN INTERNATIONAL CARGO TRANSPORTATION. Particularly in shipping freight from the USA LCL. I.e., to understand what is covered in a price quote obtained. That's why, if you are a first-time international shipper and/or are not familiar with standard shipping procedures in international cargo transportation LCL, then WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND READING FAQ AND REFERENCES PUBLISHED ON THE WEBSITE before starting your international shipment.

Price quotes automatically obtained in our online freight calculator are valid for shipping from the USA regular cargo LCL and based on weight/measurement information at the time of quoting and booking. 

Below is a recap of charges that MAY NOT be covered in a price quote obtained online.

I. PICKUP. Pickup rates depend on the type of pickup location and the kind of commodity. When a shipper requests a quote/booking, they must select the appropriate option in the kind of pickup location and the sort of commodity. Picking an incorrect option may result in a price change.

A residential or business with limited access pickup is a curbside service. LTL pickup drivers pick up properly packed cargo on ground level from a driveway, front porch, garage, or another easily acceptable loading area. No inside pickups are permitted. Some additional charges may apply if your pickup conditions or location are out of the regular range. If extra expenses are included in the carrier's freight invoice, they will be added and forwarded to you in our final. The following charges may occur but are not limited to attempted pickup, debris removal, waiting time, etc.

Read more about commercial and residential pickups on our website.

II. A PRICE DIFFERENCE DUE TO A DISCREPANCY ON W/M PROVIDED BY YOU IN YOUR BOOKING REQUEST AND THE ACTUAL W/M OF CARGO TENDERED TO THE SHIPMENT. It is hard to predict the precise w/m (i.e., total size and weight) on an international shipment at the time of booking. Actual w/m on your international shipment will most likely differ from those you have provided in your booking request.

After an international ocean freight carrier's shipping terminal (CFS) accepts your boxes, crates, or pallets, the CFS sends us the w/m verification on your shipping goods. I.e., the actual size and weight of your shipping from USA cargo. Our final invoice will reflect the w/m verified by the CFS.

If, for some reason, you disagree with the verified w/m, upon your request, we provide you with a copy of the w/m verification in the carrier's warehouse receipt. Then, you may contact the CFS and resolve the issue directly with them.  


In most cases, shipping from the USA, several loose boxes are unsafe. If you send more than 3-5 boxes, your shipping boxes will most likely be palletized, and your chargeable volume increases due to the palletizing. Find more about palletizing on our website.

If you palletize too many boxes, the CFS may add a labor cost per hour.

Palletizing costs will be added to the ocean freight carrier's invoice. Amid Logistics does not markup the cost.

IV. DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT and/or FREIGHT CLASS REASSIGNMENT BY AN LTL CARRIER (applies to shipments that require line-haul and pickups).

Pickup and/or line-haul charges are based either on the Actual or Dimensional weight of your cargo, whichever is greater. 

Our system helps you determine freight class based on the density – one of four characteristics. However, the shipper must consider the rest of the characteristics and change the freight class on their shipment if necessary. You may also call the NMFTA directly at (703) 838-1810 to reconfirm the freight class on your shipment by commodity.


V. OPTIONAL $35 FEE FOR FILING SED (U.S. SHIPPER'S EXPORT DECLARATION). According to U.S. customs regulations, all export shipments MUST be declared to the U.S. Census Bureau by filing a SED in ACE at

Exemptions from filing SED (most common):

International shipments without SED (if not exempt) cannot be released for export.

Our online booking form provides options for filing SED:

  1. Shippers may file SED by themselves. We must receive ITN BEFORE cargo is delivered to the international ocean freight carrier's freight terminal (CFS).
  2. We may file the SED on the shippers' behalf based on the commodity description provided for the fee of $35 up to two Harmonized Tariff numbers. $15 per Harmonized Tariff number after that.

You may find more about SED on our website. 


Most shipments with us are on express releases.

Express = telex release = surrender means that in your shipping from the USA, you do not have to provide a set of original international sea freight Bill of Ladings to recover your goods at the destination. International ocean freight shipments on express release should be released at the destination upon providing a copy of the Bill of Lading received from us via email. No originals are required.

However, several countries worldwide, particularly Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Certain African countries do not accept express release bills of ladings. Ocean freight carriers should notify us when issuing the Bill of Ladings. If a set of originals is required and cannot be generated at the destination, we will mail you the set of originals. USPS First Class Mail within the USA/Canada is free. Expedited or international mail must be prepaid. If you request a set of original Bill of Ladings in your international shipping from the USA to countries that D.O. accepts express release, a $50 fee will be added on top of the postage cost.

You may read more about the Bill of Lading on this page of our website.

VII. PORT OF ENTRY FEE. This fee is usually associated with international shipping from the USA with transshipments, i.e., your sea freight Bill of Lading shows that a port of discharge differs from the final destination. The fee is included in destination charges. 

VIII. DESTINATION CHARGES. ALL INTERNATIONAL SEA FREIGHT SHIPMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO DESTINATION CHARGES. Destination charges (sometimes called local charges) occur at the destinations. Therefore, they are not considered freight charges. These charges vary depending on the destination country's import regulations, the port of entry, the ocean freight carrier, and the carrier's destination agent. These charges ARE NOT included in ocean freight quotes obtained in our online freight calculator. Because the consignee is a U.S. Freight Forwarder, AMID Logistics does not connect to destination charges in any way. Destination charges can be assessed on/after the day shipped goods are entered into the destination country's Commerce Zone. The consignee must clear their sea freight shipment with the customs and pay all costs related to the cargo release(s) directly to parties involved in the cargo recovery.

In general, destination charges include (but are not limited by): 1 - Destination Country Government (Customs) related charges, i.e., duty and taxes (if any), harbor fees, fee on entry filed by a destination Customs Broker, etc.; 2 - Destination terminal(s) handling charges (THC) and other charges related to cargo de-consolidation at the destination; 3 - 'Door delivery' charges (if consignee requests a 'door delivery')*.

NOTE THAT A PART OF OR ALL DESTINATION CHARGES MAY BE REQUIRED TO BE PAID AT A PORT OF ENTRY BUT AT THE FINAL DESTINATION. Depending on the destination country's customs regulations, all or a part of destination charges must be paid at the port of entry. The cargo will continue to travel to the final destination freight terminal, cleared with customs. Otherwise, it may be transferred to the final destination in bond and required to be cleared with customs at a bonded freight terminal at the final destination. Also, note that sometimes destination charges may be divided by separate invoices related to particular parties involved in import recovery.

Destination Charges are out of the control of U.S. Freight Forwarders and payable directly to parties related to import recoveries at destinations. As a U.S. Freight Forwarder,  AMID Logistics does not connect to destination charges in any way. The responsibility of international ocean freight carrier's destination agents is to guide importers in the complexity of cargo recovery procedures at destinations.

You may want to check in advance with your destination country's embassy or ask a destination country's customs broker about Government (Customs) regulations on your international shipment.

The importer does not have to be present to recover imports at the destination. Follow instructions from your destination agent. Provide all necessary information and documents on your international shipping from the USA remotely by phone, fax, or email; pay destination charges to get the release on your cargo; and, if you wish, arrange delivery of your goods to your door directly with the international ocean freight carrier's destination agent or use any local cartage company of your choice.   

IMPORTANT: All operational costs and charges until the freight is eventually recovered will be debited to the consignee, with recourse against the consigner for any unpaid charges.  

IX. DELIVERING GOODS TO THE CONSIGNEE AT THE DESTINATION (OPTIONAL). As a U.S. Freight Forwarder, we do not offer delivery service from a destination ocean freight carrier's shipping terminal to the consignee's door. Cleared with Customs and released by the destination terminal, cargo should be self-picked. However, most ocean freight carrier's destination agents offer a delivery service for an additional cost. Otherwise, you can hire any local cartage company in your destination country and request that they pick up your released goods and bring them to your door.

X. Other specific charges may apply to irregular international shipments Depending on the commodity you are shipping from the USA, international shipment conditions, destination country customs, etc.


Regarding AMID Logistics, LLC's economy LCL service, partial shipments are several smaller cargo deliveries that must be combined into one single international LCL sea freight shipment to ship from the USA overseas. An example can be several smaller U.S. eBay or Amazon purchases delivered to a particular address in the USA to be consolidated into one single international LCL shipment.

Each LCL shipment (and the shipment's booking and reference number) is related to one single cargo delivery (and related to the delivery dock receipt from the ocean freight carrier's terminal - CFS). Each cargo delivery to CFS will be automatically released to be shipped to the destination without any additional notices.

Important: Some international ocean freight carriers do not offer partial shipment service. Partial shipments may be subject to an international sea freight carrier's fee (if applicable). Suppose a partial shipment is not approved by AMID Logistics, LLC, at the time of booking. In that case, every single cargo delivery to CFS will proceed regularly, such as a single shipment.

If a shipper needs to combine two or more cargo deliveries into one shipment/bill of lading, it must be requested in an email at the time of booking and approved by AMID Logistics, LLC. If approved, then partial shipments are subject to AMID Logistics, LLC's partial shipments fee of $35 per every single additional cargo delivery (dock receipt) on top of the first delivery. Direct sea freight carrier's storage, handling, and documentation fees may apply.

Note that shipping from the USA, an LCL partial cargo fits for shipping considerably sizable cargo. Do not confuse LCL partial cargo with consolidating small packages into one box like
Typically, SHIPPING PARTIAL CARGO LCL IS LIMITED BY UP TO 3-5 DELIVERIES WITHIN 10-25 DAYS to the same ocean freight terminal (CFS) under the same booking. If several deliveries or/and the time limit is exceeded, significant storage, handling, documents, etc., charges may apply.

For more details regarding partial international LCL shipments, please inform AMID Logistics, LLC.


13. Charity shipments from the USA / FAQ

The answer is yes; you may arrange an international charity shipment for shipping from the USA overseas. However, after your donation arrives at the destination, the consignee (a donation recipient) may be unable or may not want to pay destination charges associated with the donation's recovery. 

Furthermore, officials in certain countries, particularly in South Africa and/or landlocked countries that receive ocean freight via South Africa, may deny entry if the commodity is described as a charity shipment, donation, free aid, used or second-hand goods, etc. 

Shipping from the USA second-hand clothes, books, etc., is prohibited in South Africa. Shippers must first apply for an import permit with the International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) before instructing an international shipping company to ship second-hand goods.

If you are shipping from the USA an international charity shipment, then before doing so, please wisely consider the following situations on your charity shipment:

  1. The recipient (consignee) of your charity shipment may not pay destination charges even though you have already transferred his money to pay for the release.
  2. You may be involved in bureaucratic correspondence with the destination country's officials to get approval for your charity shipment's entry into the destination country. Remember that if this occurred, you cannot avoid customs penalties and carrier’s storage fees on your international charity shipment due to a delay with the entry.
  3. If you fail to have the shipping from USA goods released, be prepared to pay all charges associated with the return of your donation back to the USA or pay charges for destroying your charity shipment.    

Often, as soon as an ocean freight carrier has recognized that you are shipping from the USA as a donation, having a bad experience with charity shipments, they may inform you that your international charity shipment must be shipped on DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) basis with all destination charges prepaid. In this event:

  1. To estimate total destination charges, a commercial invoice must be presented to the ocean freight carrier’s destination agent before your international charity shipment is tendered at the origin. Note that it may take time and may not be free of charge. 
  2. Actual destination charges may differ from the original estimate. Typically, it must be pre-paid based on the estimated cost plus 15-30%. 
  3. If actual destination charges exceed the initial estimation, the consignee will be expected to pay the difference. If not paid, the initial funds will be placed towards destroying the international charity shipment.

To conclude, we believe that God blesses your kindness. However, an incorrectly planned international charity shipping from the USA may result in problems for all parties involved in the shipment. Please make your donations prudently. 


14. How can I cancel my shipment? / FAQ

I. For new customers, shipments with unpaid deposits will not be processed. There is no obligation to cancel a shipment with an unpaid deposit.

II. If a security deposit is paid and the shipment is canceled before the cargo is tendered to the load, the customer will be refunded, less the processing fee:

III. After the cargo is submitted to the shipment but is still at the origin and can be returned, we will request the carrier put the shipment on hold. The customer will be refunded after their written confirmation that the goods are returned. The $75 processing fee plus any carrier charges accrued on this return (if any) are on the customer's account.

IV. After a direct international ocean freight carrier has processed a shipment and the shipment cannot be returned to the shipper, i.e., cargo is on the way to the destination: consolidated in the container, entered in the international ocean carrier's container yard or pier to be loaded aboard a vessel, etc. a refund cannot be provided.

V. ROLLOVER FEE: Missing scheduled cut-off (latest delivery)/pickup day: If the cargo has not been delivered to a shipping terminal on the intended delivery day as requested by the customer at the time of booking, then we will roll the shipment over to the next available vessel without additional notice. Rollover fee may apply on each rollover:

VI. PAYPAL REFUND FEES: Fee on payments done via PayPal.

Beginning on October 11, 2019, PayPal does not return fees from original transactions. Then, all refunds via PayPal are subject to an initial transaction fee.

Payments via PayPal are limited by $750 on the total shipping cost. Payments above $750 on total shipping cost done via PayPal will be considered invalid and refunded via PayPal less original transaction 3.79% / $10 minimum plus $50 refund processing fee.

VII. SMALLER REFUNDS UP TO $25: Our operational cost for refund completion is $25. Then, refunds toward small discrepancies in our invoices up to $25 may not be processed. If a customer insists on a smaller refund of $25 or less, an inquiry must be emailed. Then, we will consider the refund in a case-by-case scenario.

VIII. NSF: Insufficient funds fee (returned/bounced check) is $50.00


15. What if I don't pay your invoice? / FAQ

The shipment cannot be processed if a new customer does not pay a deposit. Customers with settled credits are processed as agreed.

When shipping goods depart from the USA, and the ocean freight carrier's express release bill of lading is generated, on/within a few days after the ETD, we email a party responsible for the shipment or invoice less a deposit already paid. Payment due is upon receipt of the invoice.


We may email a few reminders. If our invoice is not paid after the final reminder, we will consider such a shipment a 'risky shipment.' The late payment fee will apply. The late payment fee is 3% per day due to the invoice / $200 minimum, whichever is greater.

If not paid within 10 (ten) calendar days after the late fee is applied, in addition to the late fee, we may cancel express release on the shipment. As a result of the express release cancellation, the consignee will not be able to recover their goods at the destination unless they receive from us a set of original bills of ladings. Expedited mail with the set of originals costs USD 200, aside on top of other charges related to issuing the set of originals. We will NOT take any responsibility for any storage, demurrage, and/or additional charges connected to the cargo release delays. We will NOT accept any responsibility for any costs related to any freight delay at any point on its way to the place of the release. Insurance will also be canceled as unpaid at the time of express release cancellation.

If not paid within 15 days from the day of the arrival to the destination, the international shipment may be considered abandoned, i.e., requested to be destroyed or re-consigned and repossessed and sold on the action to cover expenses related to the freight, storage, demurrage, etc. charges. U.S. and destination security officials will be notified, and additional fines will be levied.



16. What documents should I submit? / FAQ

See the answer on this web page.


17. I’m not in the USA. I ship remotely. / FAQ

See the answer on this web page


18. The policy on PayPal payments / FAQ

When you pay for your shipping from the USA, payments via PayPal are limited by US$750 ON THE TOTAL COST OF THE ENTIRE SHIPMENT. Payments (full or partial) that exceed US$750 in total must NOT be made via PayPal but by a U.S. bank check (drafts of U.S. bank checks accepted), money order, direct bank deposit, or via Western Union. We reserve the right to refund unauthorized payments via PayPal, less a transaction fee of 3.79%/$50 minimum, without notice.

Payments on international shipping from the USA by credit card via PayPal must pass CVV and complete AVS verification. Suppose a payment has been accepted and settled in PayPal, but the AVS did not match, and CVV is not passed. In that case, we reserve the right to refund the payment to the credit card holder less PayPal's original transaction fee of 3.79%/$10 minimum plus a $50 refund processing fee without notices or request an additional confirmation(s) and verification on this payment. In certain circumstances, even though an online payment has passed CVV and has completed AVS verification, we reserve the right to request additional confirmation(s) and proof of such payment.

A CONFIRMATION TOWARD PAYMENTS VIA PAYPAL: To secure funds transferred to our account via PayPal, before issuing an ocean carriers bill of lading, we will need a reply email from the payer that the payer clearly understands that the ocean freight bill of lading is our final document on their shipment. It is the title of shipped goods and proof of the transfer of the ownership of the imported goods to the consignee in the ocean freight bill of lading (recipient of shipped goods).

This email confirms that our shipping service is completed as agreed upon after receiving the ocean freight bill of lading. All parties that may be connected to these payment(s) on the shipment done via PayPal will consider this email the receipt of this payment(s) with the payer's signature in it.

If, for any reason, the payer will not agree, then they may re-pay all PayPal transactions by a U.S. Bank check or wire funds to our bank account. Please inform us by replying to this email. Then, upon receipt of re-payment(s), we will notify you that the shipping from the USA is paid and fully refund-related PayPal payments at no charge.

If, for any reason, we do not receive a confirmation of the statement above from the credit/debit card payments, issuing the bill of leading may be suspended. Then the shipment may be considered risky shipment. Additional penalties will apply. Refer to Risky Shipments in our General Terms and Conditions.


19. Payment by copies of checks or money orders. / FAQ

To accelerate a shipment, we may proceed with a shipment upon receipt via a scanned or faxed copy of the check or money order. 

International shippers may fax or email a copy to us. We will confirm receipt of the document in the email. This copy can be considered the payer's authorization for electronic funds transfer. In the event of a delay in receiving the original check or money order in the mail, typically later than 5 (five) calendar days after receiving the copy, we reserve the right to process the fund's transfer based on the amount and the payer's bank info received in the copy of the check or money order.

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