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Freight from the USA

The real-time Online Sea freight price calculator above enables the calculation of international shipping costs for commercial and household goods in minutes. Select your destination country to get shipping costs in several clicks.

Marine cargo insurance is an option in the online freight calculator.

Requesting a marine cargo insurance certificate for goods shipping from the USA overseas is an option in this online freight calculator.

Most cargo transported from the US abroad arrives at destinations without damages and losses. However, an insurance option is always for your consideration if you need extra protection for your belongings during international transportation.

You may insure your shipping goods with any insurance provider of your choice. Otherwise, select the insurance option in the online freight calculator, and we'll obtain an insurance certificate on your behalf for 3% at the value declared in the shipper's commercial invoice or valued packing list.

By default, the insurance certificate will be in the consignee's name (the shipping recipient from the USA goods). If the consigner (the shipper) needs the certificate to another name, they must inform us in advance.

However, please keep in mind that we are not an insurance provider. In the event of damage or loss in cargo during international transportation, the consignee should contact the insurance provider's claim agent. The claim agent's contact information is in your insurance certificate.


Ocean freight carriers' liability

In international cargo transportation by sea, ocean freight carriers' liability is typically up to $500 per customary shipping freight unit and limited to $1500 per entire shipment.

In respect of ocean freight, a customary unit, depending on how it is listed in the ocean freight bill of lading, can be either a shipping box or pallet or even an entire multimodal sea freight container.

If there's no insurance certificate, in case of cargo damages or loss, all claims should be directed to the steamship line used in the particular international shipping.


'All Risk' and 'Total Loss' coverages

The All Risk insurance policy in shipping cargo from the USA covers any possible loss or damage to your load during the cargo transportation: fire, water damage, theft, partial loss, breakage, etc. It is the most encompassing coverage available in the international cargo transportation industry.

The Total Loss insurance policy in international cargo transportation from the USA only applies in cases of complete losses. That means you can get a Total Loss insurance premium only if your entire shipment is lost or destroyed. It does not cover partial loss or damage.

Insurance certificates obtained on shippers' behalf by default are under the All Risk policy. However, it applies to shipping goods professionally packed. I.e., goods are shipped in the original manufacturer's packaging or professionally packed by certified parties that can provide legal proof of packing. Certain conditions* may apply. Not professionally packed goods may turn the insurance certificate into a Total Loss policy.


*Certain conditions (for reference only)

All risks of physical loss or damage in the international shipping industry are subject to Institute Cargo Clauses (A) CL252, Institute War Clauses (Cargo) CL255, Institute Strikes Clauses (Cargo) CL256, and Institute Radioactive Exclusion Clause CL370 Institute Cyber Attack Exclusion Clause CL 380. Institute Classification Clause 1.1.82. Institute Replacement Clause CL372. Excluding Electrical and mechanical derangement unless caused by a peril insured against. Automobile shipments have insured all-risk, excluding loss or damage to any preexisting damages, and existing scratches, marring, denting, and chipping are excluded from coverage. Preloading condition reports are required on all auto-shipments. Deductible USD 500 Radios are banned. Coverage for autos is port to port. Household Goods shipments that are professionally packed are insured all-risk, excluding any losses for preexisting damages such as all scratches, marring, denting, and chipping, which are excluded. Itemized inventory before shipments is required. Owner-packed goods are insured for total loss only.

The following commodities are excluded under the insurance providers program. They cannot be insured: antiques, collectibles, banknotes, cellular telephones, computer chips and memory modules, dangerous goods ( red label), hazardous materials, fine art, heirlooms, flammables and explosives, fruits and vegetables, jewelry, laptops and other portable computers, LCD plasma TVs and monitors, live animals, nuclear fuel, precious metals, precious stones, securities, stocks and bonds, tobacco products, valuable papers, manuscripts, glass, products shipped by barge.

All preexisting damages and conditions are absolutely excluded. It must be absolutely clear from the condition reports that the alleged transit-related damage occurred during transit. Coverage is invalidated if the repair of Automobiles, boats, and yachts is done before a licensed surveyor takes a survey report. Household goods shipments that are professionally packed are insured all-risk, excluding any losses for preexisting damages such as all scratches, marring, denting, and chipping, which are excluded. Household goods are covered on an ACV Basis, and proof of valuation, such as invoices and bills of sales, is required to substantiate a claim absolutely. There is no coverage for storage of household goods shipments, and coverage is strictly on a door-to-door basis. Exceptions must be noted on the destination truckers' delivery receipt at the time of delivery. Itemized inventory before shipments is required. Owner-packed goods are insured for total loss only. Insurance ceases once delivery occurs at either the warehouse or residence.

Also, in the international sea freight shipping industry, the following are excluded from coverages:

The repainting of cars. Jewelry, currency, valuable/negotiable papers, and items of intrinsic value are NOT covered for any reason. Please do not pack or leave these items on the premises during your move. Damage to items in cartons packed by the owner (PBO) or to prepackaged items preventing visual inspection of the condition. Items received and/or transported directly in packaging from manufacturer or retailer. Damage by mold, moth, vermin, or mildew. Pairs and sets: you can only claim reimbursement for the item damaged, not the entire set. Damage to electrical equipment, unless there are external signs of mishandling. Damage due to riots, war, terrorism, acts of God, or governments. Musical Instruments are excluded—a loss in the market or appraised value. Damage to electrical equipment, unless there are external signs of mishandling, Excluding any types of breakables and or computers/electronics /cell phones, glass shipments without the prior agreement of underwriters. Fine arts, antiques, and heirlooms are not covered unless an appraisal is submitted before the issuance of insurance. Household goods shipments are insured on an actual cost-value basis, with less depreciation. Household Goods are not covered on a total replacement basis.

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