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Freight from the USA
How does the freight calculator work?
The website is a platform that offers international shipping services. It provides shipping solutions for both commercial cargo and household goods. The platform offers US International LCL Sea freight, which allows users to ship boxes, crates, and pallets from the USA to overseas destinations. The website also provides a real-time online sea freight price calculator that enables users to calculate international shipping costs for commercial and household goods. 
With this online sea freight calculator, you have instant access to thousands of freight rates from well-known, and most reliable sea freight carriers that specialize in shipping from the USA consolidated cargo. If you are going to ship cargo in boxes, crates, or pallets from the United States overseas, this is exactly what you are looking for. Just calculate the shipping cost you need. It is free.
Please note that this guide is for a view of the online freight calculator on desktop computers. We’re working on a beta version for the view on mobile devices. Soon, the online freight calculator should be smartphone-friendly view view-friendly. However, all the calculation steps, regardless of the view mode, are the same.
Online freight calculator

This online freight calculator is used by experienced exporters and by beginners in international cargo transportation.

If you are online, then with this freight calculator, you can quote and book international shipping from the USA from any location in the world. That’s why, besides, it is used by U.S. exporters; it is an excellent tool for those who ship remotely. With this calculator, you can manage sizable orders on Amazon, eBay, etc., or set up an international delivery from any business or person in the United States to any country listed in the online freight calculator. 
This online calculator perfectly works for shipping from the United States household goods and personal effects. If you ship household goods and personal effects and pack them in cardboard moving boxes, then you can save a lot compared to sending your assets with an international moving company.

Click on the picture below to watch a three-minute video on YouTube about calculating the costs of shipping from the US with this online freight price calculator.
price calculator
The price calculator is at your disposal 24/7. You may calculate as many price quotes as you wish. Once again, it is free to calculate different scenarios for your international shipment. As soon as you get the best scenario and are satisfied with the price quoted, you book it via the quote. Then you will receive an email with a copy of your booking request, with flexible payment options. You pay and receive our shipping instructions via email, typically within 24 business hours. Then your international shipment from the USA is settled. Just follow the shipping instructions, provide shipping documents in email, submit cargo for shipping, and your goods will be on the way to the destination.

There are three options for cargo delivery in the USA.

At a time of calculation, and considering different scenarios in shipping from the USA, you may consider options on self-delivery your cargo to the nearest freight terminal or request a pickup (collection) of the shipping goods at the location of the goods.

Let’s say you calculate a shipping cost by considering a self-delivery of your goods that are properly packed for international shipping in cardboard boxes, crates, or on pallets to the nearest freight terminal. Then you have to be aware that in the online freight calculator, in the origin terminals drop-down list, the freight terminals marked WITH ASTERISKS (*) are substantially different from the freight terminals WITHOUT ASTERISKS.
Online freight calculator
  1. Freight terminals that are highlighted, in upper case and listed WITHOUT ASTERISKS, are the international ocean freight carrier stations professionally called CFS - Container Freight Stations. PHILADELPHIA, PA, for example.

    For cargo self-delivered to container freight stations (CFSs), freight rates are based on overall chargeable volume per Cubic Meter or Cubic Foot. WEIGHT FOR CARGO SELF-DELIVERED TO CFS IS NOT A PRICING FACTOR unless the density does not exceed a limit nominated by the carrier. The limit is typically equal to 1654 lbs (or 750 Kilograms) per Cubic Meter. If you export from the USA regular goods, then the cargo's weight will most likely not exceed the limit. However, you always state the weight of shipping goods in the cargo-related documents - the weight of shipping goods required by the U.S. and the destination's country’s customs.

    Now you realize that in international cargo transportation from the USA when shipping goods in boxes, crates, or on pallets, the option of self-delivery cargo directly to CFS is the cheapest way to ship. There will be no additional shipping cost to transfer a load on board the vessel and send it from the United States abroad.

    Keep in mind that if you cannot self-deliver your shipping boxes, crates, or pallets to a freight terminal, then you can arrange the delivery with a local moving company to deliver your goods on your behalf. You don't have to deliver cargo in person. Anyone you trust can do it for you.
  2. Freight terminals listed in lowercase and MARKED WITH ASTERISKS (*) are domestic U.S. LTL carriers terminals. Austin, TX*, for example. Cargo delivered to such terminals will be transferred (line hauled) to an international ocean freight carrier's station (CFS). In other words, when you calculate a shipping cost with the online freight calculator, keep in mind that freight delivered to the LTL freight terminal is subject to additional U.S. domestic line-haul charges on top of the international ocean freight.

    If you cannot self-deliver your goods to a freight terminal, with this online freight calculator, you can also REQUEST A PICKUP (collection) of your cargo to deliver it to the freight terminal for international shipping. Before the pickup, you have to properly pack all your goods in cardboard boxes, crates, or pallets. The pickup can be settled from your business, at your seller, or if you ship household goods or personal effects from the door of your residence. However, a pickup charge will be added to your international shipping cost.
  3. If you select a pickup, pay attention to the pick-up options in the 'Do you need a pickup?' drop-down menu. You need to clarify whether you are sending cargo from a warehouse or a small business premises, or a residential address.

    If a pickup option is selected in the freight calculator, then the pickup cost depends on the ZIP code (U.S. Postal Code) of your cargo location and the distance between the cargo location and the nearest CFS or line-haul terminal. You provide a ZIP Code in the final step of data entry in your price calculation. Experience difficulties in finding a U.S. ZIP code? Use the USPS ZIP Code Lookup.

    If you need a pickup, select an appropriate pickup option in the 'Do you need a pickup?' drop-down menu. I.e., choose the type of goods and the pickup location: either you are shipping from the USA commercial cargo or personal belongings.

    Also, keep in mind that Line Haul and Pickup charges, unlike international sea freight rates, are calculated by the dimensional weight and freight class but by the volume of shipping cargo.

    If you’re ordering a pickup in your international shipping, type a ZIP Code at the end of the data entry. Then click on the corresponding buttons and get a shipping cost, including the pickup option.
Online freight calculator
Please note, if you have not yet definitely decided whether to deliver the cargo to a freight terminal, or order a pickup, then we recommend always selecting a pickup option. By choosing a pickup, you will see all shipping costs for all options. Then you will book your international shipping with the option that you want.

After all the shipping costs, type a valid email address and click the ‘Send’ button. By clicking the button, you send the price quote to yourself for further consideration.
With the emailed quote, you receive a unique quote reference number. The format of the reference should be like this USL20011793. You can always reply to the email with the price quote and ask questions.

The quote will be stored in our database as well. Then, having your quote reference number, we will always assist you in your international shipping needs without asking unnecessary questions.
Online freight calculator 
Options on the value of shipping goods

At the time of calculation, you will be asked to estimate the value of your shipping goods in US$. This information is necessary to decide on filing a U.S. shipper's export declaration and estimate the cost of maritime cargo insurance for your international shipping if the coverage is needed. You will be able to change the value at the time of booking.

Please note that when calculating your shipping cost, the actual value of your shipping goods will be declared based on the value in your commercial invoice or valued packing list, which is an essential document in international cargo transportation. You will prepare and submit the shipping document later.

Options on U.S. Shipper's Export Declaration option (SED)

When calculating shipping costs with the online freight calculator, you select an option on filing U.S. Shipper's Export Declaration (SED). You can find more about U.S. Shipper's Export Declaration on the website. However, in respect of calculating a shipping cost with this online freight calculator, you should know that a U.S. Shipper's Export Declaration must be filed with U.S. Customs on every international shipment from the U.S. abroad if the value of shipping goods exceeds US$2500.  Knowing this, you make your choice at the time of calculating a shipping cost.

Options on Maritime Cargo Insurance

When calculating shipping costs with the online freight calculator, you select an option on Maritime cargo insurance coverage.

The cargo insurance is optional. Make your selection at the time of the calculation. At the time of booking, you can change your mind. You can find more about Maritime cargo insurance in international cargo transportation on this website.
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