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Freight from the USA

Select your destination country above. Follow several steps, and get the shipping cost for international delivery from the USA abroad. 

How do I pay for my international shipment?

With this online freight calculator, you have flexible payment options. 

  • We accept PayPal payments for smaller international shipments that cost less than US$750.
  • If the shipping cost exceeds US$750 in the total shipping cost, then we accept U.S. bank checks, business, and personal. To accelerate, we accept drafts of U.S. bank checks. Drafts of checks can be submitted online. Then, there is no need to mail the original check.
  • We accept direct deposits to our bank account and international wire transfers.
  • We also accept payment via Western Union.

If there is a transfer to our bank account, we will begin working on shipment upon receipt of a copy of the transaction to accelerate the shipping process.  

You can find more about payment options and our return policy on our main website.

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