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How it works | Shipping Partial Cargo

The website is a platform that offers international shipping services. It provides shipping solutions for both commercial cargo and household goods. The platform offers US International LCL Sea freight, which allows users to ship boxes, crates, and pallets from the USA to overseas destinations. The website also provides a real-time online sea freight price calculator that enables users to calculate international shipping costs for commercial and household goods.

Shipping freight from the USA remotely or managing U.S. orders deliveries from overseas may seem like a challenge. That is not right. With this online freight calculator, you can manage deliveries of sizable cargo from the United States to most countries around the world in real-time. And you do it remotely, regardless of your location, from the convenience of your office or home PC. Or even on the go, from your smartphone.

It doesn't matter which country you are in. You got a deal in the U.S. but need the goods to be delivered overseas. Just select the destination country that your order should be delivered to in the online freight calculator, and begin the international shipping from the USA abroad. No need to wait for a price quote. Just quote, book, and ship.

Click on the image below to watch a three-minute video on YouTube about how this online freight calculator works. Read below how easy to ship overseas any goods purchased remotely on Amazon, U.S. eBay, or from any trader in the U.S. The only limitation is that your shipping goods have to be packed in boxes, crates, or stored on pallets.

Video about how the freight calculator works

If you are in the USA and your customer requires an international delivery, just quote and book the international shipment online 24/7, receive shipping instructions within 24 business hours, and submit the shipping order overseas.

If you are outside of the USA, then you should be aware that most of the time, U.S. sellers deliver orders within the United States. Many of them even include the shipping cost in their prices. I.e., they may ship orders within the USA for free.

However, most of them do not ship goods from the USA overseas. The U.S. traders do not mind selling merchandise overseas but avoid being involved in procedures related to international cargo transportation from the USA. But if a U.S. freight forwarder will arrange international transportation on behalf of buyers from overseas, they always welcome such business.

If a trader in the USA receives comprehensive shipping instructions, then they properly prepare orders for international shipping. They'll pack goods in shipping boxes and crates or palletize the shipping goods. Then they'll label the shipping cargo with provided shipping labels and either deliver the cargo to a freight terminal within the United States or submit it to a pickup driver for further shipping out of the USA.

When you quote and book your cargo with this online freight calculator, your seller in the USA will receive such shipping instructions in the email. As a result, your remote order will be settled for international shipping, and your cargo will be on the way to the destination.

In other words, with this online freight calculator, you're focused on international trade, and the calculator takes care of international shipping. You manage deliveries from the United States from the comfort of your office or home, no matter where you are.

Shopping freight LCL from US

Keep in mind that the freight calculator is designed for shipping from the USA relatively large cargo packed in boxes, crates, or on pallets by sea LCL. It is not suitable for shipping from the U.S. small parcels or entire sea freight containers. You cannot use it for airfreight or for shipping motor vehicles.

How it works

When negotiating a deal, you should clarify whether the U.S. seller provides free deliveries within the USA or not.

Please note that if you don't know the exact weight/measurements of shipping goods, that's OK. Just roughly estimate. Your shipping cost will be adjusted to the actual w/m of your shipping goods. 

A. If Yes, your vendor provides free deliveries within the USA, then:

  1. Get a price quote on shipping your goods from the USA with this online freight calculator. Email the quote to yourself. Please keep it on record till you complete your deal.
  2. As soon as you are ready, book your international sea freight shipment via the quote. Pay a deposit and receive shipping instructions in the email within 24 business hours.
  3. Read these instructions, and, if everything is in order, forward the instructions directly to the U.S. seller. Ask them to follow the instructions on delivering your shipping goods to the freight terminal in the U.S. that is assigned in the instructions*.

B. If Not, your vendor DOES NOT provide free delivery within the USA, then:

  1. When calculating a price quote with the online freight calculator, select in the pickup (collection) options the option 'YES. PICKUP IS REQUIRED'. Get a quote, including a pickup cost.
  2. Book your shipment via the quote and receive our shipping instructions on the pickup in email.
  3. Email the instructions to your vendor in the USA. Ask them to follow the instructions and prepare your goods for pickup. An LTL trucking company will then arrive and pick up your cargo for further shipping from the USA overseas.

All further procedures in your international cargo transportation will be similar to the shipping regular cargo procedures explained in this step-by-step guide.  

*IMPORTANT! If your U.S. vendor hires a third-party U.S. domestic trucking company (UPS, FedEx Freight, etc.) to deliver your boxes, crates, or pallets to an ocean freight carriers terminal (called CFS - Container Freight Station), i.e., you have selected NO PICKUP REQUIRED, then upon receipt, our email with Shipping Instructions focus the vendor's extreme attention to: 

Ensure that you have placed your OCEAN FREIGHT CARRIER'S BOOKING NUMBER as the key reference number in all your delivery orders to CFS. Do not confuse the carrier's booking number with AMID Logistics's internal customer reference number!!! Your cargo will be recognized at CFS by the CARRIER's BOOKING NUMBER (not by AMID Logistics's reference number). The cargo will be accepted by the CFS for international shipping from the USA. See where you can find the ocean freight carrier's booking number in the sample of our Dock Receipt:

Ocean freight booking is the KEY reference

Shipping partial cargo. Combining two or more orders into a single shipment

Shipping Partial Cargo means shipping from the U.S. oversees several smaller cargo deliveries that need to be combined into one single shipment.

For example: 

Yes, it is possible. However, there are certain limitations and rules in shipping from the U.S. partial cargo.

Typically each LCL shipment booked with us (and the shipment's booking and reference numbers) is related to only one single cargo delivery. Each cargo delivery is considered a single international shipment with the intention to ship the cargo out of the U.S. as soon as possible. I.e., if all export documents are in order and there are no other particular reasons to hold cargo at the CFS, then each cargo delivery will be matched with the carrier's booking number and released to the shipping from the USA automatically without any additional notices.

If you need to combine two or more cargo deliveries into one single shipment/bill of lading under the same carrier's booking and AMID's customer reference numbers, then it must be requested in advance and approved by AMID Logistics.

If approved, partial cargo shipping is subject to AMID Logistics' partial shipments fee of $35 per every additional cargo delivery on top of the first delivery. Ocean freight carrier's CFS storage, handling, documentation, etc., fees may apply as well.

Important: Some international ocean freight carriers do not offer partial shipment service for shipping cargo from the USA. Partial shipments may be subject to the carrier's fee (if applicable). If AMID Logistics does not approve a partial shipment, then every single cargo delivery to CFS will be processed on a regular basis, such as a single shipment. In other words, if you did not conduct a shipping partial cargo in advance, then you must book and pay for each additional delivery received after the first delivery separately, as for individual shipments.

Please note that shipping from the USA, a partial cargo LCL fits for shipping relatively large cargo. Do not confuse LCL partial cargo with a consolidation of small packages into one box, like on

Typically SHIPPING PARTIAL CARGO LCL IS LIMITED BY UP TO 3-5 DELIVERIES WITHIN 10-25 DAYS to the same ocean freight terminal (CFS) under the same booking number. If the number of deliveries or/and the time limit will be exceeded, then significant storage, handling, documents, etc., charges may apply.

For more details regarding shipping from the USA or any kind of partial cargo, please contact AMID Logistics, LLC, in advance.

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