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Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is a document used in international cargo transportation to verify the country where importing goods have been produced, regardless of which country, an international shipment has been initiated. Typically, most countries around the world do not require a certificate of origin to clear importing goods with customs. Then, most of the time, a certificate of origin is not a mandatory document in shipping goods from the USA.

However, certain countries restrict imports for certain goods or import goods from some particular countries. Certain countries limit the number of some importing goods or import certain commodities. On the other hand, certain countries give preference for exporting goods manufactured in some particular countries. A certificate of origin may also be required for some goods shipping from the USA due to established Treaty arrangements, varying duty rates, or preferential duty treatment. A Certificate of Origin in international translation goods from the USA verifies:

If you are shipping goods from the USA overseas, then you may need to call your destination country's consulate in the United States or contact officials in the country to clarify whether a certificate of origin is a mandatory document in your international shipping or not.

Providing Certificates of Origin is solely the shipper’s responsibility. If you found that a Certificate of Origin requires, then contact and obtain the Certificate of Origin from the manufacturer of your shipping goods. Otherwise, ask for the document from your seller in the country where you are purchasing the goods.

The shipping commodity descriptions and quantity of shipping from the USA goods stated in a certificate of origin must correspond with those entered in the Commercial Invoice. Keep in mind that requirements on when Certificates of Origin are needed frequently change. If you are shipping goods from the USA overseas, then verify the current requirements to Certificates of Origin in the destination country in advance.

Here are some examples where you will need a Certificate of Origin on cargo shipping from the USA. However, importing-exporting regulations between countries are constantly changing. If you ship goods from the U.S. abroad, you should keep an eye on the latest updates.  

Shipping from the USA to ALBANIA: International shipping of any commercial food, drug, medicine, or medical equipment. This includes all commercial food, drug, or medicine samples.

Shipping from the USA to ARGENTINA: International shipping of any textile, regardless of value (unusable textile samples do not require a Certificate of Origin).

Shipping from the USA to AUSTRIA: Certificate of Origin required for all international commercial shipments containing textiles. Internationally shipping textile samples of "no commercial value" under 256.00 EUR/$235.00 USD does NOT require a Certificate of Origin. A Certificate of Origin is also NOT required for purchases of limited quantities of textiles for personal use only, less than 820.00 EUR/$760.00 USD (Must not be in bulk quantities).

Shipping from the USA to BELGIUM: All international shipments containing textile products that originate in non-EU countries.  Exempt are textile sample shipments of no commercial or customs value and purchases under 250.00 EUR/$230.00 USD per commodity.

Shipping from the USA to BOLIVIA: All international shipments are non-documents valued over USD 3,000.

Shipping from the USA to CANARY ISLANDS: The internationally shipping good of any non-document.

Shipping from the USA to DENMARK: Textile international shipments valued over 1000.00 DKR/$110.00 USD and from a non-EU origin (A Certificate of Origin not needed for textile SAMPLES -- if "samples" appears on the invoice).

Shipping from the USA to FINLAND: For all non-EU countries: All internationally shipping industrial textiles and textile samples over 45.00 EUR/$54.00 USD. For European non-EU countries: Not Required if proof of origin can be determined from the EUR1 document or declaration on the invoice.  Note: A Certificate of Origin is NOT required for purchases of limited quantities of internationally shipping textiles for personal use (must not be in bulk or wholesale quantities).

Shipping from the USA to FRANCE: All international shipments of textiles and clothing manufactured in non-EU countries if the CIF value of the shipment is greater than 1,000.00 EUR/$980.00 USD.  Photocopied or imaged certificates will NOT be accepted.

Shipping from the USA to GERMANY: All commercial shipments of textiles. Textile samples with no retail value and a customs value exceeding 250.00 EUR/$230.00 USD.  International textile shipments to private individuals for personal use if the value exceeds 1,000.00 EUR/$980.00 USD.

Shipping from the USA to GREECE: All international textile shipments from non-EU countries; All international commercial shoe shipments from non-EU countries.; Samples (ONLY up to three shoe/textile items or less than seven sq. meters of the textile sample) do NOT require a Certificate of Origin.

Shipping from the USA to IRELAND: All international textile shipments with a value exceeding 254.00 EUR/$234.00 USD require a Certificate of Origin. The exception is international textile shipments for personal use. Customs limit the quantities.

Shipping from the USA to ISRAEL: Trading relations between the U.S. and Israel allow reduced or canceled duties for goods made in the USA that internationally shipped with a green Certificate of Origin for trade with Israel (Certificate of Origin). The international shipper is responsible for the Certificate of Origin. This must be filled out Shipping to in capital letters and in English only.

Shipping from the USA to ITALY: Customs requires a Certificate of Origin for all international textile shipments and all online purchases of any value from private individuals. Customs exempt low-value shipments of samples with a value of 45.00 EUR/$25.00 USD or less.

Shipping from the USA to JAPAN: Internationally shipping silk items over 300 square meters requires a Certificate of Origin. Silk items below 300 square meters can be noted on the commercial invoice.

Shipping from the USA to KUWAIT: A Certificate of Origin must accompany all non-document international shipments over USD 1500.00 with a stamped ("legalized") seal from the origin country Chamber of Commerce. Note: All international shipping goods destined for US Air Force installations are exempt from this requirement and will not need a Certificate of Origin.

Shipping from the USA to NETHERLANDS: All international textile shipments valued over 345.00 EUR/$319.00 USD.

Shipping from the USA to SPAIN: A Certificate of Origin is needed for all international shipments that may be eligible for duty-free treatment due to existing trade agreements, such as EFTA, SPG (System of Generalized Preferences), and LOMA. All international textile shipments (including personal) must have a Certificate of Origin. Textiles may also require an import permit.

Shipping from the USA to the UNITED KINGDOM: International textile shipments over 18.00 GBP (26.60 EUR/$25.00 USD). Exempt are purchases of limited amounts of textile goods for personal use only (must not be in bulk or wholesale quantities).  Also free are commercial samples of negligible value.

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