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Formally dock receipt on an international shipment using ocean freight is a document issued by a direct ocean freight carrier to acknowledge receipt of ocean freight shipment at the carrier's shipping terminal. For LCL ocean freight shipments carrier's dock receipt also verifies w/m of cargo received by the shipping terminal. 

However, in respect of dealing with international shipping companies (freight forwarders or NVOCC) the Dock Receipt is a shipping document given to the shipper for a purpose of allowing his/her ocean freight shipment to be delivered to a direct carrier's pier or shipping terminal. When the delivery is completed, the dock receipt is surrendered to the shipping terminal. W/M information will be verified by the shipping terminal and Ocean freight Bill of Lading will be issued by the ocean freight carrier based on the verified information in the Dock Receipt.

Typically, with certain exceptions (for example, when deliver a motor vehicle to a pier without a power of attorney given to the delivery person) shipper does not have to be physically present when submitting cargo to the international shipment. Any authorized by the shipper person or company may deliver ocean freight to the shipping terminal on shipper's behalf. Shipper may consider the Dock Receipt a "ticket for the international ocean freight shipment".  

The Dock Receipt on an international ocean freight shipment can be delivered to the shipper in different ways: via fax or e-mail, with a tracker when shipping FCL etc.  
Our online Dock Receipt for shipping goods from the USA

With us, when shipping goods from the USA by sea, you will receive the Dock Receipt via link in our shipping instructions. We will e-mail to you this link upon your booking request submitted in our website.

By receiving our Dock Receipt online, shipper must check all information in it and then to confirm his/her ownership and responsibility on the international shipment by pressing submit button (consider pressing of this button as your "virtual signature"). Then it can be printed and used on shipping your goods overseas. 

Notice: Your Dock Receipt in our shipping instructions is unique. It is generated individually on your international shipment and pre-formatted based on the information that you had provided when booked your shipment online. 

IMPORTANT: While submitting your shipping documents online, double-check all info on the shipping document. If you see any errors or typos, then re-submit the shipping document or ask us via e-mail to correct it.

During submitting your shipping documents online you have several opportunities to edit and re-submit the shipping documents. However, as soon as shipping documents are submitted to the ocean freight carrier, all further correction will be possible only at a time when you recover your ocean freight at the destination.

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